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Image How great it feels to go to sleep at night knowing your data has been backed up and all of your accounting and business files are protected unless something goes wrong. Unfortunately that blanket of security that you sleep under may be full of holes. Twice in the last 4 months I've heard of companies attempting to restore their data only to find out that their backups haven't been working for years. Their backups had been incorrectly reporting a successful backup while an error had gone unreported.

You might be able to rest a little easier if you learned that these disasters struck a local conveniece store. Unfortunately that isn't the case. Both organizations have revenues in the millions - one in the hundreds of millions. If your backup is very fast, beware.

If you haven't tested your backup - you don't have a backup.

Let's take a look at some of the best practices of backups - most using very inexpensive software.

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katie300x200 isResearch is a technology company that specializes in four areas.

  • First is the Virtual CIO that will allow small and medium size businesses to have the experience and perspective of a Fortune 100 CIO.
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  • The third product is premium web site development and search engine optimization This service will deliver a fully functional web site over night.
  • The fourth product is business process strategy involving processing flow and selection of software or hardware platforms..


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